USA (and a touch of Canada) trip 2010

September / October 2010

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Kathy and Riley - 2 of our wonderful hosts night 1 at Chicago!

2 of Sharon Simpson's dogs

A Squirrel!!

Off to enter Canada by foot! Robyn poses!

View fronm no man's land - called the rainbow bridge. The way to walk into Canada.



Looking back at the bridge

The only Mountie we saw!

The falls

The other falls

Pretty horses

The part of Niagara I didn't like

Just to prove workers worldwide are the same! 3 watching 1 work!

A shipwreck by Lake Ontario.


Our bus driver. I am sure he is Eric the Chef's twin!

Random canoe in Toronto

I did figure that these strange shapes were to make snow fall off easier.

Yellow bus

Such HUGE corn (maize?) crops - but what looked like a baby tonka toy to harvest!

Why did I expect bigger signs?

Back in the US (Michigan)

The driver of the most expensive taxi ride I ever took!

I have 'known' Brenda for 15 years and at last we got to meet! Brenda left. Me right.


Brenda with Dianas dogs

Before .....

... after

MacInacc Bridge

MacInacc straights - joining of Lakes Huron, Michigan and Superior!

Looking back at the bridge

A lighhouse

Haiawatha Forest entry

Lake Superior

Sunset at Lake Superior

Our cottage in the woods at Grand Marais

Our view


A Wigwam in the woods!

Diana and Delta agate hunting


Robyn & Delta agate hunting

The woods above the lake shore

We saw very little wildlife so were getting a bit desperate when we saw this ....

Crisp lighthouse - under restoration.

I am not sure if this is the odd couple or a match made in heaven!


Inside our cottage.

The view from the cottage

WOW - names from folk lore and history!

The shore of Lake Superior

Where the log slides were

Autumn Glory

Robyn & I are sure this is a beaver dam in the pond

This I think I will get printed and framed

Delta with Stella bringing up the rear somewhere out beyond the black stump!

Looking down on the painted rocks

Yes I actually DID get to Hiawatha country!

Captain Delta

Old lighthouse on Grand Island (Lake Superior)

Painted Rocks - a very SMALL sample from the photos I took!

We took the sunset cruise . If the sun had shone these colours would have been even MORE glorious!

Robyn on the oversized Yooper chair outside the Munising AmericInn

Just another glorious view

More wildlife

Pumpkin decorations were everywhere!

Lake of the clouds

Americans are very keen on cute things like this

Sunset at Silver City, Lake Superior

Gift store

Gift and taxidermy

Maybe another to print and frame!

Oshkosh - BY GOSH!!!!!


Oshkosh Museum

The AAA man who came and fixed Diana's van at Oshkosh!

Wisconsin - Dairy capital!

WHERE????? This is the biggest herd of cows we found!