A few Idyllic days with friends in Hawaii!

October 2010

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Should Aunty Frogie be Aunty Tortoise?

Robyn & Pam

A baby tortoise!

Zofie - sister to F'lix

Zofie chats to the Torts

Grabbing a snack

Zofie gives her treasure to Robyn

Ummm ... does not say much for expecting the dog to protect ....

Robyn and me at Pearl Harbour

"Ship A'hoy"

Peanut - one of Rod's pups sent to Hawaii.

Peanut and 'big brother'

Proud Frogie Grandma!

Camera Duel!

3 little piggies right beside the busy highway.

Arrived home and no-one had mowed the lawn.

And that's all folks .....

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