USA trip 2010 - Oconomowoc and around

September / October 2010

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I love lap dogs!

.... and old dogs!

... and pups!

... and flying dogs!

Matched pair

Lake Oconomowoc

Best seat!

Robyn also loves pups.

Out to lunch.

Safe spot

Needs shaving ....

On point

This is the naughty puppy!

Looks SWEET to me!

And the good puppy.

Pups at play.

Now I always thought that the DOG was supposed to point!

A tender moment.



He was being really good until I aimed the camera!

Trader - ring in!

Geese out the back of the hotel

Bounce (and Nancy)

Bounce gain - full sister to my own late sweet gorgeous Spirit!

Now this is a (cute) naughty pup!

My big purchase ... wish it wuld arrive!

View out the back of the hotel.

The front of one of the T Shirts I bought

A dog show photo ...

Minty's neice & nephew!

Minty's half brother

The neice - SO similar!!

This dog was at the table next door. He saw Robyn eating lunch ....

... !and got closer and closer ....

... until victory. Sharing lunch!

They do have sheep in the US!!

And a few cows not in barns.

When can I move in?

We found this Indian trail and burial mounds - it was not easy to find

Meghan Tallman & Cliff Boggs

All Star Review judges

The DannyQuest table


Nanvy & Bounce

Brok (Bounce's son)


Madison's Farmers market

Where Robyn & I stayed

Robyn, Delta and me

Robyn, Diana and Delta

Off to Hawaii .......