Hungarian (Magyar) Vizsla

The Magyar Vizsla (Hungarian shorthaired pointing dog) is another breed whose origins are lost in time, and in the destruction of two world wars. Some of the few remaining dogs of the breed found their way to countries such as Austria and Czechoslovakia where, with Hungary, the revitalization of the breed took place.

The unusual golden colour has prevented the outcrossing to pointers, as the resultant white colouration is so noticeable.

An intelligent, gentle and people oriented breed, the Vizsla with it’s sensitive nature has an inability to withstand harsh training methods. The Vizsla is a close to medium working dog, preferring to be in contact with it’s master. The light footed Vizsla makes a particularly good deer stalkers dog, their cautious approach and strong pointing instincts are ideal for forest work. The Vizsla is an athletic dog and is a medium ranging upland bird dog, and should be a capable retriever of waterfowl from ponds and river edges.

The Vizsla is a sinewy looking dog with no excess weight. The head is described as gaunt and noble. The skull is of moderate width with a slight furrow down the middle and a moderate stop. The muzzle is a little longer than the skull, tapers slightly to a square end and the lips tight.
The ears are a little low set and not too short. The eye colour should be a shade darker than the coat.

The chest reaches the elbow and is moderately wide with the sternum showing at the front.
The brisket extends well back and there is a tuck up at the flank. The back is short and straight and the loin and croup muscular. The tail is set on a little low and one third docked off.

Coat is short, straight, dense and coarse to the touch. Colour is russet gold. Not red. A tiny amount of white on chest and feet is accepted, barely.

Size: dogs 57-64cm
bitches 53-60cm
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